Welcome to my Wiki

Hello, James's here. Welcome to my wiki and enjoy the fun. We include contest for every season and holidays for the year. Collect achievements and be the number one. You can start viewing my wiki by choosing one of the categories below.


"As you all users know, WE ARE THE E-SERIES, and destruction is our game"thumb|310px|link=File:E-Series.png

  • No teasing, bullying or anything that can hurt others
  • There's no revenge or fighting in this wiki like messing other's profile or work
  • If there any problems, leave a message on the founder's talk page
  • Remember, there are officials that are watching the chat to view anything happens in it
  • Watch out for the TechBots, they will banned users from the chat so please behave


"JamesTechno998 Wiki Broadcast shows that its now back online!!!"
  • Team Fortress 2: The Mecha Update
  • Spiral Knights: Kataclysmic Confrontation Event
  • The Walking Dead: The End?
  • JamesTechno998's Christmas Special
  • JamesTechno998 Wiki's now open and get ready for digital fun.