Metal Fusion: Virus Surge is a fangame made by Fawful117, and is the first game of the Metal Fusion series.


After Metal Michael was flung into space by his creator, Michael the Fox, everyone had thought that it was the end of his evil forever. But, a month later, Metal Michael rebooted himself, and proceeded to fly back towards Mobius with the little bit of energy that was left. Once he reached Mobius, he ironically landed in a robot junkyard. But the robots that were in the junk yard were actually Eggman's robots from the past, along with Dr. Wily's Robot Masters. He decided to rebuild every one of them, but gave them new weapons, armor, and skills to make them even better than how they were in the past. He even made a special group of robots that outclassed the others. They were known as the "M-Series Robots". In each Major M-Series robot, he powered them with the seven Chaos Emeralds. That was the night that the robot invasion was about to make it's move...




-Michael the Fox

-Josh the Hedgehog

-Jonic the Wolf

-Rin the Panda

-James the Fox

-Metal Michael

-Pyran the Devilhog

Worlds and Stages (with music)Edit

World 1: Foothills

Sunrise Hill Zone: Act 1 (The journey begins)

Sunrise Hill Zone: Act 2 (Crossing the Bridge Zone)

Sunrise Hill Zone: Act 3 (Across the Emerald Hills)

Sunrise Hill Zone: BOSS: Twin Wrecking Balls

World 2: Seaside

Sapphire Sea Zone: Act 1 (Searching the seaside)

Sapphire Sea Zone: Act 2 (Exploring the Underwater Ruins)

Sapphire Sea Zone: Act 3 (Searching at Sunset)

Sapphire Sea Zone: BOSS: Whirlpool Machine

World 3: Jungle

Emerald Jungle Zone: Act 1 (Jungle Search)

Emerald Jungle Zone: Act 2 (Jeapordy in the Jungle!)

Emerald Jungle Zone: Act 3 (Fire Breath's Return!)

Emerald Jungle Zone: BOSS: Metal Michael